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How's this for a bargain?

Here's our electronic version of "Flossie and the Burglars" with an action  video clip on each page. See the burglars being caught by the Police. Or Bertie, the roaring pawing bull. Or the Burglars falling in the muck.

You do need an iPad or a Mac, but it only costs $1.99 on iTunes.

You also need an account on iTunes.Use the above "click here to see on itunes" and then go to the "Download" page.

Dance Around the Farm DVD!

Dance Around the Farm DVD!

This is our unique DVD. Using the songs from the CD "Fun on the Farm" we have created a mixture of KiwiBop and Gillian Henderwood dancing in a woolshed, a cow paddock and other rural scenes. These are then mixed with action shots of how farm activities are carried out in New Zealand. Mix in some animation and you have a unique creative learning experience. We have sold nearly 1,200 and we get great feedback from kids who really love them.

The farmbike and trailer are now available.

The farmbike and trailer are now available.







We're getting some great feedback from customers on Flossie and the Lost Sheep.



Here's the  Read With Me DVD which has a short video clip on each page

Flossie and the Lost Sheep

Flossie and the Lost Sheep

A great little story for children up to 4 years.

Play a short sample of each of the ten great songs from the "Fun on the Farm" CD.

"Congratulations Jim on all you have achieved so far. I took a copy of a Flossie book for review myself and my two (5.5 and 3.5) love the songs and play the CD regularly. Dressing up and role playing. Well done! We look forward to the next book/CD."
Suzy Cato

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Flossie And The Burglars


Read a sample or download Flossie And The Burglars by Jim Henderson with iBooks.

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