Cracker Jim and Flossie
Cracker Jim books

Welcome to the Wonderful Amazing Fun world of Jim, Flossie and the Farmbike

Welcome to the wonderful world of Cracker Jim, Flossie the farmbike and friends.

A selection of wholesome and humerous young children’s books that not only entertain, but educate about New Zealand, rural life

Dance around the Farm DVD

This is our unique DVD. Using the songs from the CD “Fun on the Farm” we have created a mixture of KiwiBop and Gillian Henderwood dancing in a woolshed, a cow paddock and other rural scenes.

These are then mixed with action shots of how farm activities are carried out in New Zealand.

Mix in some animation and you have a unique creative learning experience. You can view one of the songs “Sandwiches or Toast” on the home page.