Cracker Jim and Flossie
Cracker Jim books

Welcome to the Wonderful Amazing Fun world of Jim, Flossie and the Farmbike

Welcome to the wonderful world of Cracker Jim, Flossie the farmbike and friends.

A selection of wholesome and humerous young children’s books that not only entertain, but educate about New Zealand, rural life

Flossie and the Drought Read with Me DVD

The story is read by a 12 year old and the words light up as they are read to assist learning.

Each page is followed by a video clip which relates to that topic.

So you see a queen bee and baby bees hatching, kids at the Daycare, a farm bike loaded with dogs who climb on and then fall off, drone mustering sheep and then delivering pizza along with a dogs bone, sheep escaping onto the road using bolt cutters and lots of other fun stuff.