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How to Write books by Jim Henderson

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Writing Books with Cracker Jim

How to Write books by Jim Henderson

  1. Know your subject.
  2. Think about and mull over story. This may take up to two months per book.
  3. Your writing needs to be interesting, funny, topical, and  contain something about technology – this shows you are up with modern trends – even though you may not be!
  4. Check out the competition- to see what else is out there.
  5. I self publish – This means I have to pay my costs up front. So my advice is not to print too many. You can always print more and it doesn’t cost you the second time for set up and illustrations.
  6. Good illustrations- if you are doing this yourself or someone else make sure your artwork is of the best quality. I use a professional illustrator. For my books – the illustrations really help to sell the books.

7. Get people to proof read your work. Friends, teachers or other writers who will critique your work and will be honest but kind to you. I have about 4 go to people.
8. Take their advice (mostly) – You want to write books that people will buy.
9. My illustrator will send the book as a PDF to the printer whilst we continue to edit. Sometimes the printer will spot errors that we need to fix before printing.
10. I use a local printer – but you can also use on line printing companies.
11. I write my story – and then suggest illustrations to my illustrator – but I am always open to his suggestions as he is a very creative person. He sends me drafts so that we can make alterations before the final inking and colouring of the artwork.
12. In New Zealand you get an ISPN number from the national library and from that you can create a bar code. It sounds complicated, but it isn’t and the costs are minimal.
13. Check out and join any local writers group – they can be a great resource and source of inspiration.

Feel free to contact me at if you need any more help.